Capture Everything

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That has always been my moto, and the adopted slogan of everything I am trying to do with Deadbolt Photos. I believe that there is no reason you can't shoot concerts, and also shoot weddings. I believe that you can shoot tattooed girls for Inked magazine, and then the next day shoot some beautiful landscapes. There is no reason  to limit yourself.

I am a very well known NJ music photographer, and every night is an exciting challenge. I have also become a go-to wedding photographer when you want something a little different. I take that concert style of shooting, and I apply it to your special day. Together we get some incredible images that won't be forgotten.

I am located in central NJ, but you can find me shooting often in NYC and Philadelphia as well. I have my passport and I am available for tours, or your wedding- no matter where it is.

One thing I hear over and over is how "real" my photos look. I try to take pictures that are good in camera, I do not try to take pictures that can be "fixed" in post production. I capture those moments, those moments you want to remember forever. Those moments that make you feel like you are there.

Clients include but are not limited to: Google, Alt Press Magazine, Inked Magazine, Live Nation, Izod Center, Prudential Center, PNC Bank Arts Center,  Anthony Green, Stencil Magazine, Broken Records Magazine, Garden State Skate Magazine, Open Till Midnight, Gedeon Luke, Starnes and Shah, ShapeL, The Company We Keep, and others.

I love meeting new people, so if you see me at a show, please say hello.